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World-class free bangla virtual education for anyone from anywhere.

The Organization of “Elanteach.com” is a Non-profit organization on a mission & the goal of developing education on General Knowledge, Technology, Famous Person, Free Exam, E-Courses, E-lecture, E-schedule and Life Advice for Students & anyone from anywhere. We’re a non-profit organization with the goal of developing education in a exceptional way by providing a free world-class education for anyone from anywhere.

Elanteach.com provides & works with virtual system for a student by creating Video Educational learning system.

An E-Trainer can teach a Course by Video Tutorials. Many visitors can see it.

The innovation of developing Free Virtual Educational Learning System is to make perfect anyone from everywhere. A student can give IQ Test Exam & they will get auto Result in a Second beside A Teacher can  be E-Trainer & help all the students from here.

To develop the Students as our perfect next generation, we require catering to their mental evolution and a Good Education by technology. For this we have to enhance their mental stability, Practical Virtual Education and innovation power of knowledge. Elanteach.com will play a vital role here in the world.

Besides this, the stimulation of the fair will make visitors & Students of knowledge of education on different fields beyond their unlimited syllabus of Virtual Education for anyone anywhere.

Online Video Tutorial in Alphabet:

World, from anywhere, at anytime, funny animations online video -based tutorials for the children in their learning, Bengali Alphabet (vowel, consonants) Arabic and English Alphabet can learn . With this video tutorial to learn how children can easily Alphabet.

Biography of famous people:

Famous people around the world , as well as poets, authors , scientists , technology , business , philosophers , actors , innovators in economics , politics , life story , including video highlights . Has more poems poet Nazrul Islam and their voices are being added to the information in their lives.

Online direct examination:

In Elanteach.com a student can get the results of the test with the test exam, and how many you questions can see for yourself what the correct answer, which automatically gives the test results. , A student can easily increase the knowledge of participants in the free test. It also has the opportunity to IQ test of Exam.

General Knowledge Information
BCS and Bangladesh for admission on the web , all in the wonderful world of news , religious , general knowledge of the human body and can be found on international issues .

Online video tutorial in technology
Free online knowledge building and knowledge of the science of technology , including web design and web development video tutorials can be found , and these matters are constantly being extended .

Recommendation of life
Every human life is being portrayed in this web site to solve the problem. Has more carrier advice and successful person’s information.

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